Objectives of the Constitution


The objectives of the Association shall be:

3.1 to provide a forum for the exchange of views and information on relevant matters;

3.2 to watch over, promote and protect the interests of its members and to oppose any matter deemed detrimental thereto;

3.3 to represent the views of its members to relevant bodies, public authorities and other interested organisations and persons;

3.4 to keep itself informed of the affairs of the Cape Town Council and other public bodies, especially on matters which affect property owners and/or residents in Bishopscourt and adjacent suburbs;

3.5 to instil in Councillors and Public officials an awareness of the wishes and needs of the residents of Bishopscourt;

3.6 to co-operate whenever deemed necessary with other Civic or Ratepayers’ Associations;

3.7 to promote, enhance and protect the environment of Bishopscourt, which includes opposing those changes, such as reduction in plot sizes below 4000 square metres, or establishment of businesses, which will tend to destroy the present open, low-density residential and semi-rural character of the suburb.