Liesbeek River

Several streams arising on Table Mountain combine to form the Liesbeek River, which flows from Kirstenbosch, through the Arboretum, under Kirstenbosch Drive and then forms part of the north-western boundary of Bishopscourt as it makes its way to Table Bay.  The Liesbeek Maintenance Project (Project Manager: Jason Mingo) is concerned with restoring the Liesbeek River  and riverine vegetation to a more pristine state, and with the control or removal of alien vegetation.

The Arboretum lies alongside the Liesbeek River, and is part wooded and part open, marshy grassland.  It is an important recreational open space which is used by many people.  Sections of this land will be used for development when the Protea Village is re-established.

The Upper Liesbeek River Garden is in Bishopscourt Village alongside the river. It is a delightful environment and well-worth a visit.  Funds for its maintenance are needed and any contributions would be gratefully received by the Bishopscourt Village Residents’ Association (BVRA)